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Great advice for the transition into real food!

10 tips for real food newbies — Nourished Kitchen.

Organic Pastures’ Raw Milk Makes Healthy Californians

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Selling raw milk is not legal in all states, making this a very hot and debated topic in the natural health world. But lucky Californians can benefit from delicious, high quality raw milk that is sold in health food stores and farmers markets throughout the state. Organic Pastures, located in Fresno, California, is the largest sustainable, family owned raw dairy farm in California. It started more than 50 years ago in Fresno and its 400 acres are home to 600 cows and 500 chickens that graze on green pasture.

Raw organic milk from grass fed cows has very high conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) levels, biodiverse beneficial bacteria, intact active enzymes, that are required for absorption of minerals and effective digestion. It provides a source of lactase producing beneficial bacteria, reducing or eliminating lactose intolerance, and it increases immunity to infection. One hundred kinds of beneficial bacteria are found in raw milk at very low levels. Yogurt has only four or five!

It’s been continuously proven through historical evidence and recent scientific studies that raw dairy helps with asthma and allergies by reducing symptoms and even eliminating them altogether.

For the past 12 years, Organic Pastures has been an example and role model for many other dairy farms regarding sustainable practices, consistency of high quality standards, integrity, transparency and amazing education offered to its consumers.

Since education plays a very important role for Organic Pastures, their recent efforts were geared towards the development of the Raw Milk Institute, an independent, non-profit organization that assists and mentors farmers in the production of safe raw milk. When Mark McAfee, founder and CEO of Organic Pastures refers to their important mission of educating about “raw milk”, he often says: “You do not sell RAW MILK…you teach it!”

The company has been recognized repeatedly in independent NFO (National Farmers Organization) tests as having the best milk taste of the dairies surveyed. The cows are never given antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and they graze on green pastures every day.

Organic Pastures milk is analyzed with an onsite state-of-the-art FOSS machine, or sent to an outside laboratory for Standard Plate Counts (SPC) to assure compliance with State of California raw milk standards. Their milking teams are so proud of the dairy’s low bacteria counts, they publish the data on their web site for everyone to see.

Pasteurized, commingled milk, on the other hand, has to be heated at such high temperatures to actually kill resistant bacteria that thrive in the dirty environment of conventional dairies. Once heated this way, all nutrients and enzymes are destroyed, rendering a “dead” product.

Raw milk can be found in California at health food stores like Sprouts or various farmer’s markets and co-ops. For your closest location, you can check out the Organic Pastures website.

You can start incorporating raw milk into your diet slowly, if you have never tried it before and wish to let your body adjust to it. Most people can tolerate it very well instantly and experience both the immediate and long term health benefits right away.

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